Pole Banner Hardware

Pole Banner Mounting System

Our Pole Banner Mounting systems are manufactured to perform and be durable. Available in 18", 24" or 30" cross arm lengths, these state-of-the-art systems are designed to withstand the elements. The fiberglass arms will flex in strong winds, transfering wind load off the banner. The base is made from rust-free cast aluminum with fiberglass arms. The result is banners that will last longer. The arms are detachable with provided pins and rings. These banner systems set the standard for excellence.

Premium Spring Arm Street Pole Bracket System

Eliminate twisted banners forever. This stainless steel spring arm design bends up to 60 degrees to deflect the strongest winds, helping banners last longer. This system also reduces wind load on the pole. Reduce the hassle of changing banners. Just bend the rod, slip off the old banner, slip on the new one. Zip tie the grommet to the bas top and bottom and you are finished. All stainless steel and aluminum. No corrosion or rust.