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Can I customize existing banner designs?

You can do whatever you like. If you want this design on that color with this text, just give us a call and someone will be happy to assist you! 1-800-252-1355 


I don't have the artwork in the files you need, what should I do?

No problem! If you have a file, but it isn't in a format that is required to produce a banner, we can re-create the image for you. Our designers can take your image and re-create it in an appropriate file. There is a charge for this service since the image has to be completely re-created in another format by one of our designers. The good news is once the image is re-created you will receive a copy in an EPS file format for future use. Since we are in the banner and graphics business, our charges for this service are much less that you would normally pay a graphic designer. (Charges are based on the complexity of the design. Once we look at your image, we will be better able to estimate how much it would cost.)


What is vector art?

Vector art uses combinations of geometric primitives such as points, lines, curves, and shapes to create digital images.


What is a raster image?

Raster images are continuous tone images such as color photographs.


What programs let me save in vector formats?

Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw are the major software programs used to create vector art. Photoshop can export Illustrator paths, and some other programs are able to export paths to Illustrator formats.


When do I save a raster image and when do I save as vector image?

Vector is a file format used to create images made with paths and fills. Vector is the only format used to cut shapes from vinyl. Raster would be used for photos and all continuous tone images.

NOTE:  There will be times when your artwork file will contain both vector and raster images. When it does, SAVE the artwork as an EPS or PDF file ONLY!


What format should my artwork be saved as?

It all depends on what kind of product we are producing. If we are going to cut/mask lettering, it has to be vector artwork. The best format for vector artwork is Illustrator; in most cases, Illustrator format is usually the best.  We prefer EPS file format, but can work with other type of file formats. If you have a question about file sizes or formats, you can call and talk with one of our coordinators: 1-800-252-1355.

We require files in PC format. We prefer HIGH resolution (300 ppi) files at original size. PDF, EPS, and TIFF formats are preferable when possible. Save your file in one of those formats with all layers merged. Preferred programs for designing your own graphics are Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Remember to flatten your Photoshop files and convert all text to outlines in Illustrator, then submit the native PSD or AI file. We require files in PC Format. 


Do you work with other programs?

YES: but, sometimes there are problems when we use:

Microsoft Word often has font and graphic problems. Use ONLY the standard Word fonts. Often, Word graphics are low resolution and will not print quality product.

Power Point designs generally reproduce well at larger sizes. BUT - be SURE your layout is the same proportions as your final print size. Use the "View Rulers" option and design using 1 inch = 1 foot. Just send us your Power Point .ppt file as is.

Microsoft Publisher: Lay out your banner at the full size you want it to be. Save it as ("Save As...") Tag Image File Format (*.tif). Send us the TIF file. This eliminates any font problems.  MAKE SURE your design is PROPORTIONAL to your banner size. If you are not SURE, call us. we will walk you through proportionality. 1-800-252-1355.


Do you want a proof of my graphics?

YES: If you have a proof of your artwork, please enclose for accurate color matching.  Any additional Pantone numbers will help in matching colors as closely as possible to what you want with our output device.


What if my file is not correct?

TCT&A Graphics department will call you and explain what the issues are and give you the option to make the changes necessary to produce a quality graphic product.  If you choose to have our graphics department make the changes ,they will charge you a modest cost for our time.  TCT&A graphics designers are always willing to help you, just call: 1-800-252-1355.


How do we get you our artwork?

You may upload your files using our Upload Files page. (See the More Information box at right for the link.)

If you want to forward your files by regular mail, UPS, FedEx or other, we accept: zip-100, CD-RW or DVD-RW ROM in PC format only. 


Where do I send my information?

TCT&A Industries

308 East Anthony Dr.            

Urbana, Illinois 61802

Attn: Graphics Department

E-Mail to:





What is the minimum order?

There is no minimum order on any of our banners or graphics products.


How long will it take to produce my banners?

TCT&A Industries Stock Banner program allow us to ship in 2 to 3 business days from the date the order is received.  Adding text to the stock banners requires an additional day.

TCT&A Industries custom digitally printed banners production time depends on the order. In all cases we produce your job as fast as possible. The average order takes between 5-10 working days to complete. However, the time required also depends on size, quantit,y and how long it takes the client to return the signed approval. 


What about color matching? Can I see a proof?

TCT&A Industries cannot guarantee exact color matching on all the media we use, but we will make every effort to support your color requirements. We will be happy to send you a small printed proof of your project on your selected media, so that you can see how the colors will look.

However, you MUST request, in writing, that you would like to have final approval before we produce your project. You will receive 2 proofs, and you must sign and date one of the proofs and return it to our office. When we receive the signed and dated proof, we will then produce your project.


Can I order online? 

Yes:  Both our custom banners and stock banners can be ordered online. However, if you have an unusual project, we are happy to talk with you about any custom requirements.  1-800-252-1355. The pole banner hardware can be ordered online, too.


Do you ship to our location?

We will ship to one location or as many locations as you request, no additional charge.


What is your return policy?

Stocked items can be returned within 1 month, and a 20% restocking fee will apply. Custom-made products and shipping charges are non-refundable. Please call a sales representative for details: 1-800-252-1355.



About Our Banners


What sizes do the banners come in?

Any size is possible! TCT&A Industries Graphics is a custom fabric manufacturing company and can design and produce banners as large as baseball field. Just let us know what size you need and we can accommodate! 


What is the most common size?

We make banners any size you need. However, TCT&A Industries does offers six stock size street pole banners for fast service (2-3 day turn around time).  They are 18” x 24”, 18” x 45”, 24” x 48”, 30” x 60”, 30” x 84, 30” x 96”. 


What colors do the banners come in?

Digitally produced vinyl or fabric banners come in any color you provide us.  Sunbrella Inkjet 10 Media can only be printed on one side.  If printed on both sides there is a shadow from the other side, which will causes poor visibility of your message, if the sun shines on it.  If you require Sunbrella Inkjet 10 Media both sides, order two separate banners, make a notation in the comment box that you need them sewn together, and we will be happy to do it for you at NO extra charge.


How long will this banner last in the weather?

This is almost an impossible question to answer.  All of our banners are weatherproof and will last according to the conditions they are subjected to (weather, pollution, correct placement, etc.) We use only the strongest materials & the best UV protected inks on the market today. Our inkjet prints can last a long time if they are displayed indoors, and kept away from sunlight (sunlight causes fading). We can top coat them to increase there color life 1 to 2 years.  Our goal is to provide you with the most esthetically pleasing and most durable banners available.


Is the image on both sides of the banner?

Yes...all pole banners are quoted with the image printed on both sides.  All other banners are priced for a one-side printed image, unless otherwise indicated.


Do you have the hardware to attach the banners to the poles?

We sure do.. We offer two types of hardware, both with sturdy combination of fiberglass poles, rust free stainless steel banding, aluminum brackets, and strong springs built to withstand the toughest conditions.


What exactly is Computer Cut Vinyl?

Computer cut vinyl is a big sticker cut out of different colors and with different types of adhesive vinyl using a high speed plotter to cut the shape.  The cutout is masked and ready to transfer to any number of different items or surfaces. Call for additional information and pricing: 1-800-252-1355.

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